Early bird until 28 February

Holistic Yoga and Writing Retreat16-23 July 2022 Join our retreat, with meditation, yoga, and personal journaling, with a magnificent views of the majestic Mount Aenos and the Ionian sea. A holistic and mindful experience, emphasizing yoga, meditation and writing to tap into a well of creativity that lives within you. …

Autumn brings the fruits of summer

  Autumn brings the fruits of summer and we’ve just opened this year’s wine and tasted the fresh extra virgin olive oil from 2019. Both exceeded our expectations and we look forward to sharing it with you in 2020. Thanks Ελαιουργικη Κεφαλονιας for pressing our olives.

Yoga daily classes Summer 2019

We are happy to announce that we are offering 2 daily yoga classes at Vericoco retreat all Summer. Hours: 8:30 am and 7pm at the Vericoco Yoga Shala, Spartia Kefalonia. For more information  please contact Lena Liambey at +306907602567 or mail at lenaliambey@gmail.com