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Cindy Boultner 21/10/2023 - 28/10/2023

Vericoco Retreat in Kefalonia, Greece, is a space designed for creative practices and relaxation.

It offers guests the chance to reconnect with nature, stop, step back and recharge.

Set within olive groves and with magnificent views of the majestic Mount Aenos and the Ionian sea, simply savoring the surroundings is meditation in and of itself.

Distance from the Beach: Less than ¼ mile to Spartia Beach  & under ½ mile to Thermanti Beach

Just a short stroll down the hill offers you the choice of thetwo nearest beaches, Spartia and Thermanti, both with trademark Kefalonian crystal-clear shallow waters.

The rocky headland provides plenty to explore with a snorkel and mask, as well as some rocks to leap from for the more adventurous types. Spartia beach offers the advantage of the local facilities for those who want to grab a drink or snack, and Thermanti offers the advantage of being secluded from the crowds as it is only accessible by foot.

Kefalonia itself is a lush green island in the Ionian Sea, famous for its turquoise seas and clean sandy beaches. One of the largest Greek islands, it also boasts the impressive Mount Aenos with thick fir forests as well as underground caves and ample countryside. It is very well connected to international airports – 15 minutes from Vericoco.

Join us for 7 nights and 7 days of yoga, meditation, and adventure! Breathe in fresh air, be in the present moment and experience the lush and rugged island beauty all around you as we deepen our inner and outer connections through yoga, meditation and exploration. This beach side location on Greece will provide us a stunning backdrop to be in nature, to learn more about ourselves and have fun! Whether you’re coming to unwind, revitalize, or see more of the world, you will have a wonderful time with like minded people.

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