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The hall

Our 120m2 deck is set within an olive grove situated lower than our surrounding grounds, providing it with perfect privacy and the feeling of being in a secret garden.

With views onto the Ionian sea and encircled by trees, your practice truly is immersed in nature.
The space is basked in beautiful soft sunlight in the afternoon and evening, but safely shaded from the midday sun.

We have installed mirrors for dancers as well as a barre along one stretch of the deck for ballet practice. With yoga in mind, there are areas where students can find support in inverted postures also.

The deck itself was built on a structure made from recycled car tyres, which reduced the use of concrete (and therefore the environmental impact) but also provides a degree of elasticity in the floor making it more gentle on the knees and upon impact.
The planks are made from sustainably sourced pine wood and have been treated with ecological products only.

It is completely protected from the rain and all the sides can be closed (by rolling down the tarpaulin reels), so you are protected from the elements and practice can continue well into the winter months.

It is connected to power, equipped with a projector, wifi and sound system. 

We have yoga mats, bolsters, blocks, belts and blankets.