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Early bird until 28 February -

Holistic Yoga and Writing Retreat
16-23 July 2022

Join our retreat, with meditation, yoga, and personal journaling, with a magnificent views of the majestic Mount Aenos and the Ionian sea.

A holistic and mindful experience, emphasizing yoga, meditation and writing to tap into a well of creativity that lives within you.

A regular writing and meditation practice will make you more focused and connected with yourself so that you can live with more joy and a sense of purpose.

Find and honour your unique, authentic voice.

Angelos and Peter will guide you to go deeper, quiet the mind, listen to your body, and be inspired so you can live your best life.

Our holistic approach cleanses the body and mind of potential toxins, whilst you achieve natural harmony with yoga practice.
Learn to listen again to the needs of your body, mind, and spirit towards your personal transformation.

Peter will draw from his experience as an author and coach, and facilitate sessions that open awareness to your life narrative.
Angelos with guide meditation and yoga sessions, suitable for all levels.

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