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Raziya Sacranie 10/09/2022 - 17/09/2022

Raziya is passionate about yoga and wellness. She started a personal yoga practise at the age of 17. This was followed by a
gap year living and travelling in India where her interest continued to grow and she had the opportunity to learn yoga in a very
traditional way and at its source.

She has built a successful massage practice over the years having trained in London and Hawaii, and it was during this time that she
recognised that yoga could help to support her massage clients with the various symptoms they were experiencing.
This led to Raziya undertaking a yoga teacher training in 2000. The 2-year Hatha yoga-teaching diploma was based on the
principles of Vanda Scaravelli.
She had also spent 5 years learning The Alexander Technique following many years of back pain
herself. Raziya draws on inspiration from both these practices and has developed her teaching of yoga to reflect some these

Raziya’s classes are warm, friendly and supportive. She teaches yoga in a gentle and intelligent way, encouraging the art of a
mindful practise, awareness of the body and mind, developing strength, stamina and flexibility, all whilst creating an inner stillness
and outer calm. We do not just do yoga – over time we open ourselves to yoga allowing the wonderful benefits to infiltrate all
aspects of our lives.

Raziya’s teaching experience is extensive, holding a B.A. (Hons) in Education, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and 18 years
of yoga teaching. She understands the psychology of teaching and learning and the different learning styles of individuals. She uses
her combined experiences to teach classes and workshops, private sessions and yoga retreats to suit different ages and

Classes include asana, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness and basic Sanskrit chanting.

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