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Scaravelli Yoga Retreat with Caroline Hutton and Caroline Harper 04/07/2020 - 11/07/2020

The Teachers

Caroline Hutton – Yoga

Caroline begun practicing yoga in 1997 and started teaching in 2003
. Originally inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, Caroline’s yoga teachings take direct inspiration from her tutors Christine Borg and Diane Long, who she started working with in 2003.

Caroline’s passion and purpose is to help people find freedom in their bodies once again, allowing them to rediscover their essential power and vitality and the beautiful intelligence of their spine no matter what their age, size or state of health. What she sees in her students is a real sense of joy and excitement at the discovery of what has always been there: a playful freedom that most haven’t felt since childhood.

Through deep enquiry and exploration and the ongoing practice of sincere attention and intention, Caroline will take you on a journey throughout your body, with love, attention and patience. You will begin to experience something new, it starts as a faint whisper but ends up singing out loud and you begin to understand what its feels like to be really alive in this wonderful body of yours

‘Movement is the song of the body’

Vanda Scaravelli

Caroline Harper – Meditation and Sound

Caroline began her journey after a spiritual awakening in India in 1971. She trained as a Cruse bereavement counsellor in 1992 and completed training in Gestalt counselling in 1987.

She then worked with Chloe Goodchild, founder of ‘the Naked Voice’, for over 5 years. She found that chanting and freeing her voice brought a lot more joy and freedom into her life. She feels passionate about deepening into our true nature, in an embodied and joyful way – aligning our mind, body and spirit, so that we may become all that our hearts long for – sharing ourselves and our gifts in this world in an authentic, loving, natural way.

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